No Blood…To be Continued…..

The title says it it all in the fifth installment of Cookies and Milk! I do plan on a total of 6 Cookies and Milk! BUT there is so much more to this album than just music. For me, I believe we all deserve to interpret the meaning of the message in your own way. Which is why I love making instrumental music. It’s like a [insert your story here] kind of thing.

In the midst of all of this I am able to incorporate my own feeling and emotion into the music. Some may feel differently about it. I mean honestly, I had people tell me that they wouldn’t listen to my music unless I added singers and rappers. It hurt but in the end It helped me to build on my nonverbal technique and heeded a little bit of advice. So you may hear clips of different powerful messages or a hook or background vocals, You name it….

Now, About this particular track. I will say that, The message can be interpreted in various ways from metaphorical to Personal. You tell me….

In other words….There is an ACT II AND III Coming December 2017 and January 2018


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