Cookies & Milk V ; New Single 

New sound, new vision.  

No comeback?

The first thing fans will notice when looking through the track list is that, the trademark Comeback is no longer there. Along with the “spacey” synth, gone. Fans will notice that “V” has more introvert, earthy titles and still a different yet modern vibe that feels like a big level before the Boss stage.

“The Comeback kid grew up and realized f*** it. Don’t’ tell em’ about the statement, just make one.”

Loyal and True

The new single “Loyalty” is set shake Windows and drop on Soundcloud and YouTube September 29th. 



#CMV is slated to drop October 30th on every major streaming outlet including Google Play and Amazon Music. #JENTonline is expected to host a 24 hr month long streaming session playing music from all 4 #C&M albums until the drop date. 

Follow #JENT @JENTBrand 

@YMMosleyENT  @YMWritings 

For inquiries, please DM @


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