Cookies and Milk V

Produced by Y.M.Mosley

Presented by Joker Entertainment (JENT)

Picking up the deep emotional pieces of Cookies and Milk IV, “V” brings back the velocity brought on to us by Wrong Cookies (CM3) and a non-verbal message combined with deep mellow tunes for the thinkers and the blinkers.


Coming from the mind of Y.M.Mosley, who is also known for “Mesmerized”, the #NOIR series and Owner of Joker Entertainment (JENT), is a new blend of Drums, Bass, and Alternative instruments. Influenced by Emancipator, Big Gigantic, and SlumberJack, This is sure to be one for the books!


A build up to the last and final Album in the Series, “V” will feature the trademark storybook song placement and dreamlike flow that has captured fans since the series started in 2012. It will be featured on every major Streaming site ( Spotify, Itunes, Tidal, Youtube, etc.) on the creator’s birthday, October 4th 2017, at 10:30pm.



Check out this teaser created by Renderforest for #CMV on YouTube!




Y.M.Mosley (@YMMosleyENT)

Press, Promo Requests and Inquires email:


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